English Press Release Delay in execution of Nirbhaya's rapists and killers unfortunate

Delay in Execution of Nirbhaya’s Rapists and Murderers Unfortunate: ABVP 

ABVP delegation led by National General Secretary met Mrs Asha Devi, Mother of Nirbhaya. ABVP demands that Convicts should be hanged at earliest.
ABVP has been struggling against the heinous crime committed against Nirbhaya since the very beginning. ABVP struggled for the enactment of the Juvenile Justice Act and would continue to struggle till the rapists are hanged. The organisation has demanded that the Supreme Court issue detailed guidelines in this matter at the earliest, ensure full utilisation of the Nirbhaya Fund and expose the so-called human rights activists. 

Delhi University Students Union President Akshit Dahiya said, “The delay in execution of the death sentence to Nirbhaya's murderers is disappointing. Certain groups of people have a past of obstructing the execution of death-sentences awarded to even terrorists. The same people are today engaged in creating hurdles in execution of the murderers of Nirbhaya. We demand that the legal process should be expedited and the convicts be hanged without further delay.” 

ABVP's National General Secretary Nidhi Tripathi stated, "The efforts made by some people to prevent the awarding of sentence to the convicts in the name of human rights is unfortunate. People with mindset of violence against women have no place in our society. The underutilisation of Nirbhaya Fund is also worrying. Adequate steps need to be taken at the earliest to stop this and Nirbhaya's killers are hanged soon."