Major Events

Glorious Landmarks

1948 : Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad was founded.

9th July 1949 : Officially established and registered at Delhi (S-385 / 1949-50)

1949 : Bharatiyakaran Campaign : Nationwide Opinion Poll for the Name (Bharat), the National Anthem (Vandemataram) and the National Language (Hindi) of the country

1949-59 : Steadily, with the decentralised methods, spread organisational structure and. activities in different provinces, academic centers and universities.

1952 : Organised Literacy Campaign, Some All India conferences were held, and regular national annual conference started from 1956 onwards.

1958-60 : Efforts started for organisational uniformity, system and style of work throughout the country.

1961 : Participation in the movement for the liberation of Goa.

1962 : Participation in Civil Defence against Chinese Aggression

1964 : Workshop on the Problems of Rural Education.

1965 : Public awakening against the Pakistani Aggression; Defence Convention in Mumbai.

1966 : The project ‘Students’ Experience In Interstate Living” was launched.Shri Acharya Giriraj Kishore was appointed the first full time worker.

1968 : First All India Abhyas Varga (workers’ study camp) in Mumbai. : The project “My Home is India” was launched.

1969 : Ideas and programmes for different activities were innovated. (Eg.Constructive, Agitational and Representative).

1969-70 : Organsied All India Conferences in Marxistinfested states West Bengal (Kolkata) and Kerala (Thiruvanantapuram); charged the atmosphere with slogans Vande Mataram and Bharat Mata ki Jai.

1970 : Started participating in Students ‘ Council/Union Elections-first in U.P. and then in different states-resulting in victory.

1970-71 : Regular provincial Abhyas Vargas commenced. Kendriya Abhyas Mandal (which later became central team) started functioning.

Sep 27th 1970 : The first national level demonstration in Delhi. A Charter of Demands, Containing demands like making of Atom Bomb, Voting Right at 18 years, student participation in university administration, was presented.

1971 : Propagated the ideological concepts “Today’s Student is Today’s citizen”, Student Power-Nation’s Power and Social Participation of Students. Gajendragadkar Committee on Education partially accepted the demand for students’ representation in University Administration.

1973 : A New dimension given to the student unions. Decided to play a major role in accelerating the process of national transformation.

Nov 1973 : All India Conference at Ahmadabad. Resolved to stress the social and national role of Student Power.

Dec 1973 : Gujarat agitation against corruption starts with ABVP’s involvement.

1974 : All India Student Leaders’ Meets held at Delhi and Varanasi. A clarion call was given for a struggle for transformation. : Bihar Student agitation starts with ABVP’s involvement.

: ABVP’s major role in the agitations in Gujarat and Bihar against corruption and price rise. Gujarat Government resigns; agitation in Bihar becomes more aggressive.

1974-75 : ABVP’s Silver Jubilee Year. A grand conference held in Mumbai which fully supported Bihar agitation. Chhatra Sangharsha Samiti formed. The Bihar agitation turns into national agitation.

Feb. 1975 : First National Seminar on Educational Change-Delhi.

March 1975 : National Movement spread and strengthened. Mammoth demonstration held in Delhi under the leadership of Jayprakash Narayan.

1975-76 : Internal emergency clamped on the country; ABVP workers were arrested. More than 10,000 workers offered Satyagraha under the aegis of Lok Sangharsha Samiti. Many workers offered their active services for underground struggle. 650 workers underwent imprisonment under MISA, more than 4500 workers were arrested under different sections of law and jailed.

March 1977 : Lok Sabha Elections : Loktantrik Yuva Morcha formed. Movement emerged victorious against the dictatorship.

April 1977 : A proposal for dissolution of student and youth organisations and merging them as youth wing of ruling party made at a meeting of many such organisations at Sarnath, was rejected by ABVP; stressed on being above party politics. ABVP continued its work.

: First woman Full Time Worker appointed.

: Participation in relief works in the cyclone – hit areas of Andhra Pradesh.

: Thumping victory at Student Union Elections. Participated in Literacy Campaign.

May 1978 : Decision was taken not to participate in Student Council Election for the time being.

June 1978 : “Gramotthan Hetu Chhatra” (Students for Rural Reconstruction) campaign launched; effective work was done in 350 villages.

August 1978 : Presented to Prime Minister a representation demanding Educational Reforms.

Nov - Dec 1978 : ABVP’s representatives in the Youth Delegation to the USSR. ABVP was recognised the largest student organisation of India by all other organisations.

March 1979 : Shaikshik Jyoti Yatra from Patna to Delhi. Demonstration by ten thousand students before the Parliament. Petition containing 8 lakh signatures was submitted to the Lok Sabha Speaker.

1979-80 : Seminars on various issues of educational change at six different places in the country.

: Relief services were offered to the victims of flood in Morvi (Gujarat)

1980-81 : Students’ demonstrations for highlighting the educational demands at the state and university levels.

: Various aspects of work emphasised –(Three thrusts) constructive work, all inclusive (sarvasparshi) and stress on impact on the campus.

: Decision to observe 6 December, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar’s Nirvana Divas (Death anniversary) as Samajik Samata Divas (Social Equality Day).

: Lok Abhiyan – an intensive campaign for awakening the voters before the Lok Sabha Elections.

: Major SEIL tour covering many states was organised.

Jan 1981 : Active participation in Assam Agitation against infiltration from Bangladesh. A National Convention on the Assam Crisis was organised. At the initiative of ABVP, different organisations, parties and their leaders unanimously decided to work for finding a solution.

Sept. 1981 : A national Seminar on the Policy of Reservation, at Patna.

Jan 1982 : Public Awakening campaign for scrapping of Article 370 from the Constitution of India and other issues.

May 1982 : First Vichar Baithak at Mount Abu (Rajasthan).

June 1982 : Decision to participate again in Student Union Elections.

1982-83 : Swatantryaveer Sawarkar Birth Centenary celebrations, emphasised on his views on social equality; organised Samata Jyoti Yatra stating from Ratnagiri to Chaitya Bhoomi in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

July 1983 : National Seminar on Student Unions : Elections and Functioning (Delhi).

1983 : Prominent role in Save Assam Movement. Countrywide awakening. Assam Jyoti Yatra from Raighat (Delhi) to Guwahati. Historic Satyagraha at Guwahati on 2 October 1983.

Feb. 1984 : National Convention on Infiltration, at Kolkata.

1983-84 : National Integration Week observed. Public awakening on Punjab and Kashmir problems.

1985 : International Youth Year’s Programmes – District level conferences to highlight youth policy and rights of the youth. Grand All India Conference held in Delhi. World Organisation of Students and Youth (WOSY) founded.

: SEIL visit to Andaman Islands by Maharashtra students.

April 1986 : Second Vichar Baithak, Pune.

May 1986 : All India Full Time Workers’ Varg, Indore.

Aug. 1986 : National Convention on Sri Lanka Crisis. At Chennai. Indian and Sri Lankan leaders participated.

1987 : Organisational Vichar Baithak at Shrirangapattanam, Mysore.

: Shahidi Smarak Jyoti Yatra from Amritsar to Delhi (Shishganj Gurdwara) for people’s education on the Punjab Problem.

: University level symposia on ‘New Educational Policy-1986’ were held.

: Call for crusade against the alleged corruption in purchse of Bofors Guns. Rasthriya Sangharsha Morcha formed. Organised Students’ Parliaments.

: Nationwide programmes and signature campaign in support of Tibetan Freedom Movement.

1988 : Launched movement against corruption in education and politics. Sangharsha Parva declared. Large gatherings of student leaders held at different levels.

: Call for struggle for systemic change and economic independence.

: “Students For Development”- forum started for the promotion of rural development , appropriate technology, environment protection etc.

: First all India Abhyas Varg of girl workers, Mumbai.

1989 : Impressive programmes organised on the occasion of the birth centenaries of Bharat Ratna Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Dr. K.B. Hedgekar, founder of the R.S.S.

April 1990 : Third Vichar Baithak, Ujjain, MP.

: Public awakening against terrorism and violence in Kashmir; Study group visited Kashmir; National Convention was organised in Delhi.

: Kashmir Bachao Andolan (Save Kashmir Movement). ‘Nationwide college bandh’ (closure) on August 22; a mammoth demonstration of more than ten thousand students at Jammu on Sept. 11 On Sept. 14, Prime Minister V.P.Singh was entrusted the National Flag, Which he promised to hoist at Lal chowk in Srinagar.

: Active Participation in Shri Ram Janmabhoomi (Ayodhya) Movement.

1990 : Seminars on technical education with reference to the details of Engineering, Polytechnic and ITI education, held at Bangalore, Mumbai and Nagpur respectively.

1991 : Silver Jubilee of SEIL Project. Students’ tours organised in the North-East and the rest of the country. National Youth Rally held at Guwahati.

: More than 36,000 Students participated in the demonstration against Naxalites’ Violence in Andhra Pradesh at Hyderabad.

: Prof. Yeshwantrao Kelkar Youth Award instituted.

: Two-year plan mooted for organisational expansion and consolidation; call for save campus movement.

: Observed Swadeshi Week; Initiated Swadeshi Movement.

Jan 1992 : Countrywide agitation against Naxalite Violence.

June 1992 : Satyagraha at Teen Bigha (Bengal) against handing over of Teen Bigha enclave to Bangladesh.

July 1992 : Hosted International Youth Convention in Delhi under the auspices of WOSY.

Sept. 1992 : More than 86,000 students participated in the “Save Campus” movement at the mammoth demonstration in Bangalore.

: Relief and service activities for the earthquake victims of Uttar Kashi, UP.

Dec 1992 : Participation in the Ayodhya Movement.

1993 : All India meeting in Mumbai to discuss activities of Students for Development; conducted Prakashyatra to visit social projects.

: A Study group visited Bhutan to study the problems of non-Bhutanese people in Bhutan.

: Active and successful agitation in Maharashtra for reaming the Marathwada University after Dr. Babasaheb Ammbedkar (1990-94).

: Participated in relief works for the earthquake victims of Marathwada in Maharashtra.

: State wise “Save Education – Save Campus” Movement; huge student rallies at the state capitals. At Mumbai 1,32,000 students of Maharashtra Participated in the historic rally. The idea of ‘Save campus culture’ was initiated.

April 1994 : Fourth Vichar baithak, Sarnath, UP.

July 1994 : National Seminar on Financing of Higher Education (Delhi).

: All India Worker’s Camp of Technical Students.

1995 : Helped start activities of WOSY in Nepal; Prajnik Vidyarthi Parishad (Academic Students Council) formed.

April 1995 : National Workshop on Efforts of Development, at Bangalore.

May 1995 : Seminar on “Private Universities : Desirability and Viability”, in Delhi.

1995-96 : Decision to fight against corruption at high places and criminalisation of politics. Agitations at various places; participated in awakening and agitations under the Jan Sangharsh Morcha.

: Public awakening programme against the Marxist violence in Kerala and other states.

May 1996 : Organisational Vichar Baithak at Shimla, HP.

July 1996 : National Seminar on Law Education – Delhi.

Nov. 1996 : Countrywide agitation against the proposed Miss World Beauty Contest at Bangalore.

1996-97 : Birth Centenary celebrations of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Golden Jubilee year celebration of India’s Independence. Programmes were held all over the country.

July 1997 : All India Convention on National Security, in Delhi.

Aug. 1997 : Observance of National Security Week. Awakening of people about the threats to the security of the country; Aug. 15 as Sankalp Divas.

Dec. 1997 : All India Varg of Teacher Workers, Chennai.

1998 : Programmes against the Islamic terrorism in Tamilnadu. A report on the issue prepared by a Study Group.

Aug. 1998 : Submission of a Memorandum on Higher Education to Dr. Murali Manohar Joshi, Union Minister for HRD.

1988-99 : Golden Jubilee year of ABVP foundation

: Various progrmmes on the occasion of Golden Jubilee year

: Inaugural function on July 9, 1988 at Delhi with Prime Minister Shri. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as chief guest. Important personalities participated in the functions at all the provincial centers’.

: Countrywide tree plantation campaign in June-July (1.5 lakh saplings planted)

: Various aspects of educations were discussed at the series of Seminars on Education, at Hyderabad, Lucknow, Vadodara, Guwahati and Chandigarh

: Four Sandesh Yatras with the message of national integration, educational restructuring , social awakering started from four places of inspiration viz. Moirang in Manipur, ruins of Nalanda Vishwavidyalaya, Chambazhati in Kerala (birthplace of Shri Narayan Guru) and Srinagar (Kashmir) culminated in Mumbai.

: Organised lecture series, district conventions, sports competitions, blood donation etc.

Dec 1998 : The grand National Conference of over 12,000 delegates in Mumbai; Former Presidents, General Secretaries felicitated. “Chhatra Sankalp” (National Charter of Students) was adopted. Golden Jubilee felicitations to selected personalities devoted to social work.

Jan 1999 : “Chetavani Diwas” (Warning Day) observed throughout the country against the new patent law.

April 1999 : Fifth Vichar Baithak at Tirupati.

June-July 1999 : National awakening against the Pakistani aggression in Kargil sector. Programmes full of national spirit held; blood donation, National Defence Fund Collection etc. were undertaken.

Sept. 1999 : Jan Jagaran Abhiyan for voters prior to Lok Sabha Elections.

October 1999 : Relief works and fund collection undertaken for victims of cyclone in Orissa.

Oct. 1999 : All India Workshop on Economic Aspects of Nationalism at Agra.

Nov 1999 : Vistarak Yojana as a part of SEIL in Assam.

: All India Girl Students’ Convention along with the National Conference at Lunknow.

July 2000 : SEIL Karyalaya (office) inaugurated at Guwahati

: A website providing educational information “” launched at Bangalore

: Participation in organizing Swadeshi Vijnana Mela (science festival) at Delhi

August 2000 : Rashtriya Suraksha Abhiyan (National Security Campaign).

: Programmes organized to celebrate 50th year of Indian Republic

: Submission of a Memorandum on economic policies (WTO regime etc) to the Prime Minister.

: Protest against Chinese dumping of goods in Indian market.

2000-01 : Nationwide Survey of Fee Structure in Higher Education.

Dec 2000 : North-East Students’ Tours as a part of SEIL.

: First All India Convention of Janjati (Scheduded Tribe) Students along with the National Conference at Raipur.

Feb 2001 : Relief activities for the earthquake affected people in Gujarat.

Oct 2001 : All India workshop on Education at Mumbai

: A memorandum submitted to Shri. Lalkrishana Advani Union Home Minister regarding National Security.

: New SEIL Karyalaya inaugurated at Mumbai.

Dec. 2001 : Protest against terrorist attack on the Parliament.

2002 : Initiated debate and started a campaign on Indianisation of Education & Indo-centric education.

: Declared a nationwide movement for Educational Change and Employment.

July 2002 : All India Student Leaders’ Convention at Bhopal, on the above issues.

: Countrywide signature campaign among the students (15 lakhs).

: District level rallies, seminars, debates, Shiksha Yatras etc.

Nov. 26, 2002 : Mammoth (85,000) Students’ Rally at Delhi, for educational change & employment. Memorandum submitted to the Prime Minister.

: Birth centenary year of Loknayak Jayprakash Narayan observed.

Dec. 2002 : Participation of 5 delegates in the Youth Conference held in London organized by National Hindu Students Forum (UK)s

: All India Full Time Workers’ Varg, at Kanyakumari.

2003 : Three-year Orgnisational Plan (2003-06) in view of Birth Centenary of Revered Shri Guruji.

April 2003 : Sixth Vichar Baithak, Shimla (HP)

May 2003 : National level baithaks of various dimensions / aspects of work viz., Girls, tribal students , technical students, SFD and Educational Cell-on the eve of NEC Meeting, Varanasi.

June 2003 : Participation of SEIL representatives from all over the country in the Youth Camp at Sindhu Utsav orgnised by Union Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Youth Affairs.

27 July 2003 : National Seminar under the joint auspices of nationalist educational organizations, against the proposal by WTO to include education within the purview of GATS; adopted Delhi Declaration against the proposal.

Aug. 2003 : Campaign against Pepsi Cola & Coca Cola.

20-21 Sep. 2003 : ‘National Symposium on Employment : Causes & Remedies’, in Mumbai.

13-20 Dec. 2003 : Nationwide awakening programmes against terrorism –under National Security Week.

Jan. 2004 : Bharat Darshan Anubhav 2004 – Bharat tour of 80 students from North East, Darjeeling and Sikkim, in 12 states, under SEIL project.

Feb. 2004 : Dedication (inauguration) of Yuva Vikas Kendra of SEIL, at Guwahati.

May 2004 : Nationwide campaign against the possibility of a foreign person becoming Prime Minister.

: All India Teacher workers’ Baithak, Bhubaneshwar

July 2004 : Nationwide campaign under the Save Education Movement, against denationalization of and Marxist influence on education.

July – Sep 2004 : Widespread agitations in many states against commercialization of education.

Jun 2004 : Vistarak Yojana for one academic year in Assam (workers from other parts)

Oct.2004 : 50th National Conference, Jaipur.

: Website – information for entrepreneurship, launched.

: Participation of 35 foreign students as guest delegates.

Dec 2004 : National colloquium on Private Universities, in Ghaziabad, UP.

Jan 2005 : Rescue, relief and rehabilitation activities for victims of Tsunami (killer sea-waves) tragedy.

: Played host to the Sauhard Yatra (Goodwill Tour) of Nepal students belonging to Academic Students Council of Nepal, covering 10 cities in India.

: Nationwide Youth day programmes held with a campaign for Bharatiyakaran of education.

: Demonstration before the conference of state education ministers in Bangalore, demanding central legislation against commercialization of education.

: National Seminar on Central Legislation for Professional Courses, in Bangalore.

Feb 2005 : Demonstration in front of Parliament, demanding the above legislation.

Jun / Sep 2005 : Protests against prescribing perverted history text books of NCERT.

: Agitation demanding repeal of IM (DT) ac and to deport Banladeshi infiltrators in Assam.

July 2005 : National Convention on Role of Student Unions, Jaipur

Aug 2005 : Vande Mataram campaign in view of the centenary celebrations of the movement against partition of Bengal

(1905 – Vanga Bhanga Virodhi Andolan)

Nov 2005 : All India Abhyas Varg of Girl-workers, Bhopal (with national conference)

Dec 2005 : Nationwide stir against including educational services within the purview of GATS under WTO regime.

Jan 2006 : Co-hosted the South and Southeast Asian Youth Conference org. by WOSY in Mumbai.

Jan / Feb 2006 : Nationwide public awareness campaign on Bangladeshi infiltration as a threat to nation.