25 Years for Tiananmen massacre


           The protests first began in April 1989, with students filling Beijing's large, central square, to peacefully call for reform. Later the protest was shifted to Tiananmen square (Biggest square in Beijing), around 2 lakh students demonstrating for democratic rights shouting slogans agianst the Dictatorship of chaina's government. The student protesters, who had occupied the public square for seven weeks, elicited widespread sympathy among international audiences.The weeks that followed saw the arrest of thousands, violent clashes between student protesters and security forces.

         The fateful day of 4th June 1989, when the Chinese Communist party (CCP) sent 200,000 soldiers in armoured tanks to suppress the peaceful pro-democracy protest in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, causing thousands of fatalities, it is unimaginable to many that, 25 years later, this barbaric regime would still be in power, and the massacre would be rendered a taboo. But despite the party's most ardent efforts to wipe the episode from history, memories of the massacre refuse to be crushed.. The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989, commonly known as the June Fourth Incident where 'Every person in the crowd was a victim of the massacre' was a clear example of communist ideology of supressing the pro democratic movement. The number studenr died in the incident is unconfirmed till today.



Sri N Ravi Kumar

South West Zonal Organising Secretary,