ABVP NEC Meeting

ABVP hopes for comprehensive education policy: Prof. Murali Manohar

Mangalore: “India is in need of comprehensive education policy. Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) will discuss this issue in national executive council meeting organized at Mangalore and submit the decision in front of the new central government,” said Prof. Murali Manohar, national president, ABVP.

He was speaking after inaugurating the four-day national executive council meeting of ABVP organized at Sangha Niketan in Mangalore on Monday, May 26.

“In the recent Lok Sabha elections we have seen the people’s decision in bringing changes in the country. People especially the youth and the students are still in a victorious mood after the election results. People wanted a political change as they were fed up with the inefficient, corrupt and ineffective governance of the last government. ABVP has played a vital role in bringing changes in the country by holding awareness programmes for students. We have kept away ourselves from partisan politics,” he added.

He further said that the students are the citizens of the country and they have their duties and responsibilities to bring changes in the society.

He also stressed that people had high aspirations for good and affective governance and were hoping for a leader with courage, clarity and conviction in this year in this NEC Meeting.

“We have 12 resolutions to discuss with the new government. Priority will be given to the safety and security of women because women. The North East Students across the nation faces the problem of racism. We are all Indians and north east in the part of India, we have the fight for their rights. We also demand to Establish New education institutes in North East,” he said.

He also said that the commercialization of education must be stopped and ABVP will demand the government to bring a comprehensive policy in education. Academic development and economic development policy should go hand-in-hand so that we can see a developed India. If we want our country to be developed we have to strengthen our youth by educating them.

Sunil Ambekar, National Organizing Secretary, ABVP and Hari Borikar, National General Secretary, ABVP, also spoke on the occasion.